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hats - collecting and cleaning tips

My son has a big obsession with hats. Everywhere that we go, he has to buy a hat. This hat collection has grown to be so large that it takes up every wall in his room and even a few that are suspended from his ceiling. How can you keep hats organized and in good condition? How do you clean hats that have become stinky and dirty? After a lot of trial and error I have found several ways to control the hat collection in his room and ways to keep the hats that he wears most often looking and smelling fresh.

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How To Host A Western-Themed Party

Does it seem like just yesterday that you were pulling out the fall home decorations? If you have decided to host a western-themed party to celebrate this gorgeous new autumn weather, here are some ideas that might inspire you to plan something unique and memorable.

The Invitations - Of course, you can phone or email your friends to get the word out that you're inviting them to your party. However, there's something special about getting an invitation in the mail, especially if it's to a fun event. 

  • Think about dressing up in cowboy gear and having your photo taken for the front of the invitation.
  • Another idea is to feature a cowboy hat and cowboy boots on the front of the invitation, along with words like "Giddy-up Partners And Join The Fun!" 
  • No matter what you decide for your invitation, think about asking everybody to wear western-style clothes.

Your Own Clothes - If entire families will be at your party, consider having each of your family members wear outfits that will complement each other's clothes.

  • Mom and daughters would look great in denim skirts or jeans accessorized with a white ruffled shirt and a red bandana around the neck. Another idea is to wear gingham peasant dresses with wide brown leather belts.
  • Dads and sons will probably be delighted that they can wear their most comfortable jeans. A white or plaid shirt worn with a bolo tie would be perfect.
  • Of course, cowboy boots are in order for all of you. Fortunately, you can get excellent cowboy boots online for an excellent price (at stores like Cowpokes). Just order the size you usually wear, considering that you may be wearing heavier socks with them. Cowboy boots are so comfortable that you'll probably be wearing them a lot even after your party is over. The great thing is that your cowboy boots can even be worn with regular clothes and not just western clothing.

The Activities - A combination of the right food and fun games will make this a party to remember, for sure.

  • Of course, a catered BBQ dinner would be wonderful. However, if you want to do the cooking yourself, consider grilling marinated sausages, chicken and beef with potato salad, coleslaw, beans and plain white bread. Another idea is to have BBQ sandwiches, corn-on-the-cob and fruit kebabs.
  • Do you have room for an old-fashioned square dance? Part of the fun will be learning how to do the dance together.
  • Another idea is to have a sing-a-long with songs like Deep In The Heart Of Texas, Red River Valley, Back In The Saddle Again, Amarillo By Morning and Should've Been A Cowboy.

When you find a good online store where boots are available at a good price, your friends would probably be happy to find out about that source. The great thing about ordering your boots online is that if they're the wrong size or if they aren't what you expected, they can be returned or exchanged without any problem.