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hats - collecting and cleaning tips

My son has a big obsession with hats. Everywhere that we go, he has to buy a hat. This hat collection has grown to be so large that it takes up every wall in his room and even a few that are suspended from his ceiling. How can you keep hats organized and in good condition? How do you clean hats that have become stinky and dirty? After a lot of trial and error I have found several ways to control the hat collection in his room and ways to keep the hats that he wears most often looking and smelling fresh.

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Shoe Sweet Spot: Making Smart Footwear Choices For Diabetics

If you love shoes, you know how long it can take to pick out the perfect pair. Finding the right shoes for your outfit that compliment your legs and overall figure can take a lot of time and effort. If you are a diabetic, you also know just how important it is to take care of your feet. Here are some methods for picking sweet footwear for those who need to watch their sugar intake.

Pick shoes with the right amount of wiggle room

Shoes that are too tight on your feet can not only cramp your style, they can cause issues with mobility. It is important that you select shoes that fit your feet just right and will not cause you to rub your heel against the material, nor slide around in. Have your feet measured professionally to find out your perfect size and width in order to always get the perfect pair of shoes.

Be careful with buckles and zippers

As a diabetic, wounds will take longer to heal than they would a non-diabetic. Diabetics are especially likely to get wounds on their feet that may not be noticed until later. These wounds, if unnoticed, can fester and lead to the loss of toes of the entire foot if there are further complications. Buckles next to the ankle or shoes with zippers that rub against the foot should be vetted properly to ensure that they cause no irritation or scrapes.

Select proper sandals

Though you may be tempted to throw on a pair of flip flops on vacation or during warm weather, it is important for you to select shoes that offer proper coverage. Flip flops and similar open shoes leave your feet exposed to elements such as rocks and other sharp objects that can cause cuts and scrapes. If possible, choose protective footwear with moisture-wicking properties. Keeping your feet dry and covered will make walking safer and less worrying no matter the distance.

Specialize your socks

Socks that are too tight on the feet or socks that are too thin will offer little protection, and may exacerbate any tingling issues or loss of feeling in the feet that diabetics are prone to develop. Instead, choose diabetic socks that offer extra protection. Diabetic socks for women and men come with anti-microbial properties to ward away any bacteria that can develop in the warm, wet environment of a sock. Socks for diabetics also come in stretchy materials, so that they can be placed over the feet of those who are having issues with swelling or water retention. These socks work for diabetics of all sizes and should be worn with shoe wear and inside of the home.