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hats - collecting and cleaning tips

My son has a big obsession with hats. Everywhere that we go, he has to buy a hat. This hat collection has grown to be so large that it takes up every wall in his room and even a few that are suspended from his ceiling. How can you keep hats organized and in good condition? How do you clean hats that have become stinky and dirty? After a lot of trial and error I have found several ways to control the hat collection in his room and ways to keep the hats that he wears most often looking and smelling fresh.

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3 Excellent Reasons to Purchase Dri-Fit Shirts with Custom Printing

Dri-fit shirts differ from a regular cotton shirts in the fact that they are made to be more breathable. This helps you to keep cool when you are exercising or doing some other physical activity that is going to cause you to sweat. There are certain events and situations when having custom-printed dri-fit shirts created can be very beneficial for you. This article will discuss three excellent reasons to purchase dri-fit shirts with custom printing

Sports Team

It is important that all of the team members on a sports team have matching shirts that they can all wear. These shirts not only helps the opposing team to recognize the members of the team when they are playing them but also help the team themselves to feel more united. The dri-fit shirts are going to be the perfect material for a variety of sports, such as football, soccer, basketball, or any sport that is going to require exertion and cause you to sweat. Also, because the shirts are customized, they will include the team's name and logo as well as the last name and number of each of the players. 

Public Race 

Another event for which dri-fit shirts with custom printing are going to be needed is a public race. These shirts will include the name of the race on the front and all of the sponsors on the back. The great thing about having these dri-fit shirts custom made from a printing company is the fact that you are going to be able to order in bulk without any issues. This will allow you to get the number of shirts that you need in each size by the deadline that you give them. Just keep in mind that you should order well in advance to ensure that they have time to order the shirts that they need to print on. 

A Gym

If you own a gym, you likely want some merchandise that you can sell to your customers and that has your gym's logo and name on it. This can include things like hats, towels, and shirts. You can even go above and beyond by ordering some dri-fit shirts and tanks tops with custom printing on them for your gym members. You can likely sell these shirts for more than you paid for them, and that makes them profitable for you. Also, because your gym members will wear them around, it will also be a great way to promote your business.