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hats - collecting and cleaning tips

My son has a big obsession with hats. Everywhere that we go, he has to buy a hat. This hat collection has grown to be so large that it takes up every wall in his room and even a few that are suspended from his ceiling. How can you keep hats organized and in good condition? How do you clean hats that have become stinky and dirty? After a lot of trial and error I have found several ways to control the hat collection in his room and ways to keep the hats that he wears most often looking and smelling fresh.

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3 Golf Apparel Tips For First-Time Golfers

When it comes to playing gold, being mentally tough is just as important as any physical attribute or equipment you might have. That said, a golfer that has the best overall equipment or men's golf clothing will likely have increased confidence while out on the links because they know they are fully prepared for what lies ahead. To that end, here are a few golfing equipment and apparel tips for first-time golfers:

Start with the Gloves

Aside from your actual golf clubs, many golfers will tell you that your golfing gloves are likely your single most important piece of equipment. It's the first piece of golfing apparel that every golfer should buy. A good set of golfing gloves can directly improve your performance by allowing you to maintain the proper grip on the club before, during, and after your follow-through with the club. A good set of golf gloves will help improve your accuracy on the course.

Visors and Sunglasses Aren't Just for Style

If you watch pro golfers on television play on a sunny day, you'll probably see quite a few of them wearing a hat, visor, or a pair of sunglasses. Looking stylish for the TV cameras by rocking a proper golf "look" could play at least a part in this apparel getting so much screen time, but the actual golfers are wearing this attire because it will help them with their game. The last thing any golfer wants is to have the sun force them to blink right as they are going into their back swing. Get yourself a decent visor and pair of sunglasses so you can concentrate on the ball and not the surrounding environment.

Get a Proper Polo

If you want to look like a pro your first time out at the local country club, don't just walk up to the first tee wearing a pair of jean shorts and a tee shirt. Golf is still very much considered to be a gentleman's game at many country clubs, and if you want other golfers to take your seriously then you should look the part. Invest in a good pair of khakis and a proper collared shirt, like a polo. If it's especially hot out, you can probably change into khaki shorts, but the collared shirt should remain.

Make sure you are prepared for your first time out on the golf course by stocking up on men's golf clothing and apparel before you hit the links.